Monday, 8th Sep 2014

  • 14h30-16h00 (Time Petri nets)
    • Sine Viesmose Birch, Thomas Stig Jacobsen, Jacob Jon Jensen, Christoffer Moesgaard, Niels Nørgaard Samuelsen and Jiri Srba. Interval Abstraction Refinement for Model Checking of Timed-Arc Petri Nets
    • Silvano Dal Zilio, Lukasz Fronc, Bernard Berthomieu and Francois Vernadat. Time Petri Nets with Dynamic Firing Dates: Semantics and Applications
    • Hanifa Boucheneb, Kamel Barkaoui and Karim Weslati. Delay-dependent partial order reduction technique for time Petri nets
  • 16h30-17h30 (MITL)
    • Thomas Brihaye, Gilles Geeraerts and Morgane Estiévenart. On MITL and alternating timed automata over infinite words
    • Ezio Bartocci, Luca Bortolussi and Guido Sanguinetti. Data-driven Statistical Learning of Temporal Logic Properties

Tuesday, 9th Sep 2014

  • 09h00-10h00 (Formats invited talk)
    • Sanjoy Baruah. Modeling and Analysis of Mixed-Criticality Systems.
  • 10h00-11h00 (Hybrid Systems I)
    • Jan Kuřátko and Stefan Ratschan. Combined Global and Local Search for the Falsification of Hybrid Systems
    • Nima Roohi and Mahesh Viswanathan. Time-Bounded Reachability for Initialized Hybrid Automata with Linear Differential Inclusions and Rectangular Constraints
  • 11h30-13h00 (Hybrid Systems II)
    • Umang Mathur, Krishna S and Ashutosh Trivedi. Weak Singular Hybrid Automata
    • Stefano Minopoli and Goran Frehse. Non-Convex Invariants and Urgency Conditions on Linear Hybrid Automata
    • Taylor T Johnson and Sayan Mitra. Anonymized Reachability of Hybrid Automata Networks
  • 14h30-15h30 (Contracts)
    • Ingo Stierand, Philipp Reinkemeier and Purandar Bhaduri. Virtual Integration of Real-Time Systems based on Resource Segregation Abstraction
    • Marcin Andrychowicz, Stefan Dziembowski, Daniel Malinowski and Łukasz Mazurek. Modeling Bitcoin Contracts by Timed Automata

Wednesday, 10th Sep 2014

  • 10h00-11h00 (Verification and Synthesis I)
    • Omar Bataineh, Mark Reynolds and Tim French. Finding Best and Worst Case Execution Times of Systems Using Difference-Bound Matrices
    • Dogan Ulus, Thomas Ferrere, Eugene Asarin and Oded Maler. Timed Pattern Matching
  • 11h30-12h30 (Verification and Synthesis II)
    • Alexandre David, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Zhengkui Zhang and Huixing Fang. Verification and Performance Evaluation of Timed Game Strategies
    • Peter Fontana and Rance Cleaveland. The Power of Proofs: New Algorithms for Timed Automata Model Checking